Virtual Ideas for Tomorrow | Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio

On August 26, 2020 Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, joined Cleveland Clinic CEO and President, Tom Mihalejvic, MD for our Virtual Ideas for Tomorrow.

Virtual Ideas for Tomorrow is an ongoing speaker series that provides a forum for the world’s most distinguished thinkers, speakers and personalities to engage in a dialogue with members of our community.

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What is the EURObservational Research Programme?

The EURObservational Research Programme (EORP) aims to improve Cardiac Healthcare in Europe and beyond.
EORP collects, compiles and analyses clinical data from 2,600 centres in 89 countries with more than 150,000 patients.
There are four categories of data: Common Diseases, Rare Diseases, Intervention, Prevention.
There are 26 topic-based registries available for cardiologists, surgeons, electrophysiologists, nurses in training.
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Tucatinib Prolongs Survival in Breast Cancer With Brain Mets – Medpage Today

Amy Tiersten, MD, calls the anti-HER2 agent a “game-changer”

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Dr. Poppas on the Importance of Reducing the Burden of CVD Worldwide | ACC International

ACC President Athena Poppas, MD, FACC, discusses how “the ACC’s commitment to optimizing global care and outcomes is now more important than ever” as the burden of cardiovascular disease is growing worldwide and will require coordinated efforts across borders, agency, NGOs and more. Global prevention initiatives are a cost-effective and proven means to reducing cardiovascular mortality. The ACC is proud to work with partners like the World Health Organization, World Heart Federation, NDC Alliance and others, as well as our U.S. and International Chapters and global cardiovascular societies on a number of prevention activities, including our newly launched ACC #NCDAcademy. Learn more at

Dr. Harold on the Campaign’s Global Health Goals | Campaign for the Future

ACC Campaign for the Future Chair and Past President John Gordon Harold, MD, MACC, discusses the Campaign for the Future’s efforts to tangibly address global health and reverse trends of increased heart disease around the world by providing education, quality improvement and driving innovation. The College has already launched the Global Heart Attack Treatment Initiative, or GHATI, and the ACC’s Global Leadership Institute as part of these efforts. Get involved at

Creating a Pain-Free Home Workspace

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COVID-19 forced many of us to leave the comfort of our ergonomically correct offices and work from home, leading to a host of aches and pains. Chiropractor Andrew Bang, DC, shares practical tips and tricks for setting up an ergonomically correct home workspace.

GRIDS 2020: Managing SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Patients with Lysosomal Disorders

Uma Ramaswami, MD, Royal Free NHS, London, UK talks about the outpatient management, inpatient treatment, and long term follow-up of SARS-C0V-2 infections in patients with lysosomal storage disorders.

This presentation was part the live GRIDS 2020-Virtual Summit held July 1, 2020 and is now available exclusively on CheckRare. To view the entire session and receive CME credit, go to

High functioning depression

We were joined by Sue Varma, MD, a Board certified psychiatrist, Cognitive behavioral therapist, Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Langone, former 9/11 medical director at the World Trade Center Mental Health program at NYU, and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, discussing “high functioning depression” during covid and beyond. She discusses the “4 Cs “ of coping and the #4msofmentalhealth. In this video, she touches upon stats, symptoms, cost to society and therapeutic approaches. One in four people live with a mental health condition (and these figures are now on the rise amidst the pandemic). Please share this with anyone who could benefit from learning about the warning signs and treatment options. High functioning depression is not often discussed medically, and due to their high level of outward performance, these individuals often fall through the cracks.