How Science Shed Light on the Fate of a Fatal Mutation

When Sonia Vallabh learned she had a lethal mutation, she and her husband became scientists and helped shine light on the fate of fatal mutations.

Dan (A Parody of Eminem’s “Stan”)

A song about the human cost of medical misinformation and internet conspiracy thinking. Based on semi-true events (i.e., my actual Facebook inbox). Lyrics, c…

Individuals With High Level of Schizotypal Traits Exhibit Altered Brain Structural and Functional Connectivity – Neuroscience News

People with schizotypal traits exhibited increased structural connectivity probability within the task control network and default mode network. They also had increased variability and decreased stability of functional connectivity within the DMN and between the auditory and subcortical networks.

Newly Discovered ‘Support System’ for Axons Suggests a Novel Therapeutic Target for Neurodegenerative Diseases – Neuroscience News

A preclinical study reports Schwann cells assist injured axons by releasing protective sugars. The findings have positive implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like ALS.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain – Neuroscience News

Researchers have made an important discovery about the mechanisms behind learning and memory. Depending on the number of synapses, and their proximity, information is processed and stored differently.

How ‘Swapping Bodies’ With a Friend Changes Our Sense of Self – Neuroscience News

Friends who “swapped bodies” using virtual reality to generate the perceptual illusion found their beliefs about their personalities altered to become more similar to the beliefs about their friends’ personalities. Findings suggest that when our mental self-concept doesn’t match our physical self, our memories become impaired.

Tag Team Gut Bacteria Worsen Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis – Neuroscience News

Specific combinations of microorganisms in the gut can worsen symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mouse models of the autoimmune disease.

Got Fatigue? Study Further Pinpoints Brain Regions That May Control It – Neuroscience News

Neuroimaging pinpoints areas of the brain that regulate efforts to deal with fatigue. The study reveals the neural mechanisms that contribute to feelings of fatigue.

Blood Test Could Predict Who Is Likely to Develop Psychotic Disorders – Neuroscience News

A new blood test could help doctors monitor those who are at risk of developing psychiatric disorders. The test looks for specific protein biomarkers in blood samples of those with risk factors for psychiatric illnesses and can help to predict who is most likely to develop psychosis in the future.

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