‘It just feels like they’re forgotten’: Navajo women mobilize to protect elders from COVID-19

Considered the most respected members of Indigenous communities, elders hold immense cultural wisdom. But COVID-19 has hit them especially hard.

Voting by Mail: A Tale of Two States – LeverAGE

LeverAGE, the newest podcast from the American Society on Aging (ASA), covers the politics of aging. Episode 2 spotlights the experience of voting by mail in two states – Florida and Oklahoma. ASA’s President and CEO Peter Kaldes catches up with L…

Supporting All Americans as We Age: #Decision2020 and Questions for Candidates

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Navigating the World of Assistive Technology for People Living with Dementia | American Society on Aging

SWG on Aging and Hematology


What Happened When I Fell and Fractured My Shoulder

After I fell and fractured my shoulder, I learned that there are many issues to consider in addition to the fall and the fracture.

The Approaching Eviction Crisis

With the moratorium on evictions in federally assisted or backed housing having expired, near retirees, many of whom are struggling with their employment and housing, are of great concern.

Empathy Understanding through Shared Experiences

Embodied Labs is committed to developing immersive training for professional and family caregivers that’s based on the authentic experiences of individuals who have been marginalized.

These 8 Life-Changing Tips Will Help You Age Well

The author of I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years shares his life-changing tips on how to feel content and fulfilled until the last moments of your life.

Understanding, Identifying, and Addressing Fall Risk in Aging Adults | American Society on Aging