The universal health coverage ambition faces a critical test

Universal health coverage (UHC) has been a focus of the global development conversation over the past decade and, increasingly, of national policy making in countries across a wide range of income levels. The political salience of UHC is rooted in its attractive value proposition: to provide good quality health-care services to all citizens who need them without causing financial hardship.

Research and higher education in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the research and higher education sectors to the forefront of public attention. Laboratory capacity has been crucial for diagnostic testing; experts in infectious diseases, epidemiology, public health, mathematical modelling, and economics are central to national policy making and media coverage; clinical research has been vital to improving COVID-19…

SARS-CoV-2 infection in the COPD population is associated with increased healthcare utilization: An analysis of Cleveland clinic’s COVID-19 registry

Our analysis demonstrated that COPD patients with COVID-19 had a higher risk for healthcare utilization, although adjusted in-hospital mortality risk was not different than the non-COPD patients with COVID-19.

Rethinking Transport: Highlights of the Transport Research Arena 2020 – On Physical Sciences

Rethinking transport as we continue forward into the 21st century is a necessity, with sustainability, digital solutions and inclusivity at the forefront of the agenda. The Transport Research Arena 2020 conference should have been held in April, but despite its cancellation due to the COVID-19 crisis, the planned article collection that addresses these issues has gone ahead, and is now available.

A targetable epigenetic vulnerability in PI3K/AKT inhibitor resistant cancers

Acquisition of resistance to PI3K/AKT-targeted monotherapy implies the existence of common resistance mechanisms independent of cancer type. Here we demonstrate that PI3K/AKT inhibitors cause glycolytic crisis, acetyl-CoA shortage and a global decrease in histone acetylation. Also, PI3K/AKT inhibitors induce drug resistance by selectively augmenting H3K27 acetylation and binding of CBP/p300 and…

Prostate Epithelial Genes Define Docetaxel-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Molecular Subtype

BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Analysis of the transcriptomic landscape of prostate adenocarcinoma shows multidimensional gene expression variability. Understanding cancer transcriptome complexity can provide biological insight and therapeutic guidance. To avoid potential confounding factors, such as stromal contamination and stress-related material degradation, we utilized a set of genes expressed by…